The Action Sports Translator is now a full member of the EOCA

Martina Russo, CEO

13 July 2022

July 13, 2022 – The Action Sports Translator, the sports translation agency outdoor brands choose when they want to go global, has joined some of the most iconic outdoor brands to become a full member of the European Outdoor Conservation Association (EOCA).

The EOCA is a group of businesses in the European outdoor industry that have come together to raise funds to put directly into conservation projects worldwide (except the USA and Canada). Since June 2006, the not-for-profit organization has supported 140 projects to the tune of over €3.6 million.

Preserving the environment is critical to what The Action Sports Translator and the companies we work with do. That’s why CEO Martina Russo is proud to be a full member of the EOCA.


100% of the fees paid to the EOCA by its members get put into the projects they support. As a member, The Action Sports Translator gets to vote for and propose projects we believe in. Paying parts of profits to EOCA also means we can contribute to making a bigger impact than by working alone. 

Find out more about the EOCA at


About The Action Sports Translator

Founded in 2018 by CEO and founder Martina Russo, The Action Sports Translator is a specialized translation provider for the outdoor industry. The team is made up of surfers, snowboarders, skydivers, adventurers and translation professionals who help the world’s most exciting outdoor and adventure sports brands gain customers and sell more in international markets.

Our pledge to sustainability

At The Action Sports Translator, we are committed to minimizing our impact on the environment. These are some of way we contribute to a more sustainable planet.

We are a remote-first, 100% digital, paperless company.

We don’t use any paper or ink as we literally never print documents (and we are mindful of our digital impact, too). We don’t have an office, which means that our team members work from home and don’t use up fuels to commute to and from the office. Also, not having an office means we don’t use up typical office resources.

Our team members are nature and outdoor lovers.

Many of us have decided to downsize and live in tiny houses, live more sustainably in nature, slow travel rather than hop on airplanes, and generally pay attention to our actions and how they impact the world and the environment around us. Some of our core team members live in self-sustainable houses or tiny homes on wheels, in contact with nature, alternating between their favorite outdoor sports in between work.

Our core team actively supports environmental protection associations.

Our CEO Martina is also a co-founder of Protect Our Winters Italy and has coordinated translation efforts for other POW chapters, such as Switzerland and Austria.

Every winter, we make a donation to one or more local environmental associations such as several POW local chapters on behalf of our clients, as a token of appreciation of our long-standing cooperation – and because we know how important winter and environmental protection are to them too.

We help sustainable outdoor brands spread their message to the world.

If you’re a sustainable outdoor brand and are looking to partner up with a translation agency that cares about sustainability in sports as much as you do, get in touch today. We’ll help you spread your message across borders.


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Martina is the CEO and founder at The Action Sports Translator. After starting her career in marketing translation in 2010, she has been recognized as a Localization industry influencer multiple years in a row and has been working with some of the world's most exciting brands to bring multilingual marketing campaigns to life.

Co-founder and localization manager of Protect Our Winters Italy, she founded The Action Sports Translator to provide outdoor brands with a sports translation service that truly gets them. When she isn’t working, you can usually find her climbing a mountain or snowboarding down the other side.

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