Our technology

Our suite of localization tech solutions is designed to streamline your workflows and get your content to market faster–all while keeping your unique brand voice and terminology consistent across every market and language. The best part? We analyze your setup and identify the best option based on your tech stack, volumes and channels, then help you to get it all up and running.

Inside our toolbox

A centralized translation platform

We leverage state-of-the-art translation management systems (TMS) to streamline the translation process, build and maintain linguistic assets and provide a centralized platform for your stakeholders to keep track of progress.

Integrations and connectors

WordPress, Shopify or Magento? Drupal, Salesforce, Contentful? Whatever the software or channel, we’ve got your back with our out-of-the-box TMS integrations, apps and connectors.

Project management software

Every project automatically runs both on our TMS and our project management software, providing you with an overview of every localization project either currently running or already completed within your organization–for every department.

AI-powered solutions

We leverage AI to reduce manual work and make more space for what truly matters–getting your content to market faster. We also offer AI translations specifically tailored to outdoor brands.

Cloud storage

Every linguistic asset – from ongoing projects to translation memories, glossaries and everything in between – is stored in a brand-specific, encrypted cloud environment. You have full access to it, so you can retrieve it whenever you need it.

Automated workflows

Our tech stack is connected through custom automation, freeing up our team’s time to help you reach your localization goals more efficiently. Plus, we can provide reports to help you make data-driven decisions.

Inside our toolbox

Translation management system

Our TMS of choice is the best rated on the market. It’s extremely powerful, customizable and flexible, making even the most complex and overwhelming translation task manageable. That means efficient allocation of time and resources to get your content ready to publish with a fast turnaround. In other words, we’ll focus on getting you the best ROI for your translations without compromising on quality.

But every brand has unique needs, so we dig a bit deeper to find the setup that works best for you. To do that, we look into a suite of translation management systems and evaluate your current tech stack, content volumes, content channels and the integrations you might need. Our localization specialists then walk you through your options and help you get set up. Once it’s all up and running, your dedicated account and project managers take care of your projects, and you can keep track of what’s in the works. Say goodbye to outdated, inefficient workflows and the many headaches that come with them.


Inside our toolbox

Translation memories and glossaries

Whatever the TMS, you’ll have your dedicated translation memory and term base (a pre-approved, multilingual glossary of specific terms you use a lot, such as technology or product names). The TM is a database of previous translations, so when you have repeated or similar copy (like carry-overs or brand claims) the system flags it and automatically translates it based on the previous version. This means we never have to translate the same thing twice and the copy can go straight to our team to be checked instead.

When we’re translating hundreds of product descriptions, that means no one is manually typing out repeated words or phrases. With each translation we do for you, we’re building up your translation memory so you have more data to speed up the next batch. And the one after that. It frees up more time for us to focus on making your translations engaging, while retaining your tone of voice and terminology and still bringing down costs, season after season.

Inside our toolbox

Integrations and APIs

Translation management systems come in all different shapes and sizes. And with different out-of-the-box integrators and connectors. And that’s great news because no outdoor brand is set up in exactly the same way. Does your PIM system run on Plytix or PIMworks? Is your site built on WordPress, Drupal or a headless CMS like Dato? How about your long-form content? And what about newsletters, transactional emails or e-learning modules? Or maybe you have an app with strings and Figma frameworks that need to be localized.

We don’t always need to integrate our system with yours. But in most cases, we’ll need to take an in-depth look at your entire ecosystem and identify the best solution for your specific needs. Does the TMS have native, tried-and-tested integrations for your setup? Our localization engineers and localization specialists will take them for a spin, make sure they’re the best fit and then help you get set up with them. Automatically pushing and pulling content between systems through a centralized platform instead of exporting, importing and emailing hundreds of files? Welcome to your new reality. And because your needs might change over time, our team can always review your requirements again down the line.

Inside our toolbox

Automated workflows and AI

The automated workflows and AI within our technology streamline the entire translation process for you. That means fewer manual errors to iron out and turnaround times that are a lot faster. So we can get your global content out into the world in time for your next season’s launch. 

We adapt our workflows to your unique projects. No two translation projects are alike, but that doesn’t mean we can’t set up a system to make things quicker. That translates to more value from your investment. Instead of paying for manual checks for elements that can be handled automatically, we can allocate your resources more effectively.

With our automated workflows, content is pulled and pushed automatically between systems and translation specialists and editors, so our project and account managers can focus on briefing, quality assurance and providing you with the best service you’ll ever experience. And if you want to take automation a step further, you can look into our AI-powered translations, too. 

“The team has turned this massive project into an easy task for me, helping us deliver the komoot app to millions of new people all over the world, and I can’t recommend their services enough. Thank you for all the support, organization and consistently flawless work!”

Craig T., Copywriter @ Komoot

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