Translations for winter sports

A fresh blanket of snow has fallen overnight, and it’s covering every peak as far as the eye can see. Whether they’re hardcore backcountry riders or simply love cruising down evenly groomed slopes, your customers have been waiting for this moment all year.

Skis, snowboards, snowshoes or splitboards. Ski touring, freeriding, downhill or park. Winter sports enthusiasts want the right gear and apparel that will keep them warm so they can stay out all day long, regardless of the conditions or their preferred terrain and riding style.

At The Action Sports Translator, we specialize in translations for winter sports, crafting multilingual texts that’ll help your buyers find the best board or pair of skis and accessories to go with them.

We know what works because it’s what works on us. So, if you’re looking for a sports translation agency that shares your customers’ love for the mountains and stoke for waist-deep powder, look no further. We’ll get them – and ourselves – hyped for your new collection and upcoming snowy adventures.


Winter sports aren’t just sports. They’re a lifestyle. A culture. A movement, complete with their own slang and technical lingo. International customers aren’t simply buying skiing or snowboarding gear and outerwear. They want to shop with brands who deliver a full experience, welcome them into a community, and inspire them to push their limits. Dream bigger. Shred harder. Getting your winter sports translations technically correct is a prereq for loyal snow-sport enthusiasts who want to buy from your brand and show their gear off to the world.

Translations for winter sports

You offer the best gear for a day out on the mountain. We craft translations that guide your customers to buy it.

What’s the best type of goggle lens when the sun’s shining or the sky is cloudy? What’s the best board or ski shape for park riding? What jacket should you pack for your next untracked backcountry adventure? How about all the accessories you need to make the trip one for the books?

Winter sports equipment and apparel can mean the difference between a day that’s memorable or miserable. Push you to try harder, jump higher and ride faster, or force you to cut the adventure short. Keep you safe or give you a scare when conditions turn.

Face it. Bad gear = bad day. Likewise, bad translations will leave your customers out in the cold.


We’re passionate about delivering authentic brand experiences through specialized translations for winter sports brands. We’re equally passionate about touring up a mountain and making the first tracks in fresh powder on the way back down.

► Our winter-sports-loving translation specialists use your products all winter, every winter. That’s how and why we bring high-level technical knowledge to your winter sports translations.

►️ We know what it’s like to get up when it’s pitch black outside to beat the crowds. To wear the perfect combination of layers to stay dry and warm when it’s -20 outside. To race back down to get just one more run in before the sun sets. Hey, there are no friends on powder days, right?

► We’ll craft technically sound copy to guide your customers to your products, so they can pick the right board or skis to float on powder, cruise over icy terrain and carve harder on the slopes.

► Snowboarding, skiing, ski touring, freeriding, Nordic skiing and more; from Japow to the Alps, winter sports enthusiasts around the world are already on the lookout for durable, sustainable and high-performing gear. All that’s missing is a way for them to find you.


Spring has sprung and it’s pure chaos; your team is working overtime to pull together your Fall & Winter product copy so it can drop in time for the new season. Your ecommerce sales – and your entire retailer network – depends on it. Then… you still need to get it translated for your international markets.

For most brands, this means additional headaches. For our clients, it’s a different story. At The Action Sports Translator, we specialize in marketing and technical translations for winter sports brands – so we know exactly what your team is going through and how to clear the path ahead.


We’ll take a process full of rough patches and help you feel like you’re floating on pow on a bluebird day.

Our team of highly specialized winter sports translation professionals *really* understands your customers, product and brand. They spend time learning your preferred terminology and take your feedback on board. Streamlined translation software lets us work consistently on multiple projects and keep your language on point. Meanwhile our project managers make sure the overall process is running smoothly and on schedule. In short: hand off your content, sit back and relax – or go hit the slopes. We’ll take it from here.



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Snowboards, split boards, skis, snowshoes; snowboarding and skiing boots and bindings; snow sports gear, outerwear, apparel and accessories; goggles, sun glasses, gloves, skiing poles, jackets, trousers, socks, glove warmers, and more – we’ll help you translate all the winter sports gear your customers need for their adventures.

“To work with The Action Sports Translation is an absolute joy. They are service-minded, highly driven, and always keen on developing and working with us to improve our translations.”

Josephine B., Localization Specialist @ Peak Performance

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Our adventure sports translation specialists are ready and stoked to help you grow across borders.

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