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As the world becomes smarter and more connected, sports enthusiasts are constantly looking for new tech to improve their fitness, track their performance and find new places to explore.

Whether they’re runners, cyclists, skiers, snowboarders, campers, climbers or hikers, the right app or tracker can help them plan their next adventure and push themselves harder.

In today’s industry, making your outdoor, sports or fitness tech products available to your international audience isn’t a luxury. It’s a must. Especially in crowded or highly demanding markets, where the competition is fierce and customers have endless options at their fingertips.

If you’re looking for a sports translation agency who’ll brave your app strings just as readily as extreme outdoor conditions, you’ve reached your destination. Let’s chat.



 Our translation specialists are runners, cyclists, swimmers, thrill-seekers and adventure enthusiasts. We love using your tech to log our ascents, plan out our runs and track our BPM. No need to convince us that having the right tech to back you up is a surefire way to push your potential and smash your goals. That – plus our team’s background in UX writing and localization – makes us uniquely equipped to localize your sports, outdoor and fitness tech.

Outdoor, sports and fit tech translation

We know all the behind-the-screens effort it takes to launch and scale your outdoor, sports or fitness tech product across markets. And the pitfalls you should avoid from the very first line of code.

Things like…

  • making sure your internationalization strategy is up to scratch
  • helping you find the best and most suitable localization software for your product
  • localizing all of your strings, marketing materials, social media content, marketing, SEO and ads
  • crafting ASO (App Store Optimized) translations that push your app to the top of the results, so your end users can find it…

Extracting text, localizing strings, dealing with languages that don’t read left to right. We offer full-service localization that’s designed to get you more downloads.


Localizing tech for the sports industry is incredibly exciting, but it comes with a set of unique challenges. At The Action Sports Translator, we’re equally passionate about internationalization and adventure sports, which means we speak your customers’ language and your developers’ lingo.

► Translating  your software, apps and tech products for the outdoor industry can sometimes feel like an uphill climb. But our team is up to date with the latest tech and fully trained to deliver the best user experience to your customers every step of the way.

► User experience or UX localization is our our home turf. And as athletes and fitness fans, we love a challenge. Space constraints, Figma files, variables and placeholders? Bring it on. We’ve helped countless outdoor tech, sports tech and fitness tech bring their app to millions of people worldwide in as many languages as you can imagine.

► A huge part of UX is design, and we’ll make sure your shiny new app versions stay true to your vibe while also appealing to target users in your new markets. We back our linguistic skills with the necessary cultural savvy for content that’s never tongue-tied.

► We know how hard your developers have to work to create a product that’ll succeed across markets. We’ll help them uncover and fix internationalization issues before your app gets released to the public.


Sports and fitness tech brands partner up with us to increase sign-up rates and grow their user base. We work with the latest translation software on the market to plug into your systems for a smooth process that’s customizable and scalable. Forget about obsolete, inefficient workflows. Localization shouldn’t be a burden; it should be a source of endless ROI.

We’ll keep your content up to date and easily accessible across languages, guiding your users through an effortless way to track their efforts.

Our UX localization specialists know exactly what goes on behind closed doors of developing and releasing a tech product. They’ve got thousands of hours under their belt to prove it.

By combining our expertise with our cutting-edge localization software, we’re able to process large volumes of content with multiple linguists according to your spring cycle. Your newly localized app will be released across markets before you know it.


We support our clients with a wide range of services, including marketing translation, copywriting, transcreation (a combination of copywriting and creative translation), proofreading, SEO translation, subtitling, and more.


English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Danish, Polish, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Turkish are our most requested languages, but that's far from all. Need other languages or specific local variants? We've got you covered.


The type of content we translate is as varied as your collections are: Ads, websites, landing pages, press releases, product descriptions, brochures, video content, marketing campaigns, newsletters, email content and more.


Route planners, fitness apps, navigation tools, apps for running, cycling and swimming – we’ll help you translate all the sports and fit tech your customers need to discover new routes and push their fitness to the next level.

“The team has turned this massive project into an easy task for me, helping us deliver the komoot app to millions of new people all over the world, and I can’t recommend their services enough. Thank you for all the support, organization and consistently flawless work!”

Craig T., Copywriter @ Komoot

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Ready to drop in?

Our adventure sports translation specialists are ready and stoked to help you grow across borders.

Reach out to us through the chat widget or by clicking on the button below. We’ll get back to you within a couple of hours.

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