Translations for cycling and mountain biking

The cycling and mountain biking industry is booming, and so is the number of international customers that want to shop from your brand.

Cross-country, trail riding, enduro, all mountain riding, downhill mountain biking, urban cycling, gravel riding, BMX, bikepacking… whatever the discipline, riding style or level, your customers want the best cycling gear they can get to ride further for longer.

Our marketing and technical translation specialists for the cycling and mountain biking industry are passionate riders, who know the pain, adrenaline and joy of being on the saddle on all types of terrains.

If you’re looking to work with a sports translation agency who truly understands what motivates your customers to ride, then get in touch.


Our love of cycling shifts your translated content up a gear by capturing the adrenaline, friendship, and excitement of mud-splattered two-wheeled adventures. Powering beyond a word-for-word approach, we fine-tune your headings, content, CTAs and stories to craft technically correct and compelling translations that convert. Cycling and MTB enthusiasts around the world will know your brand in their local language and want to add your gear and apparel to their cart.

Mountain biking

When your ride lasts days instead of hours, you want cycling gear and apparel that’s exceedingly comfortable, lightweight, and fast. For races where every millisecond counts. Or summer runs under the sun.

You’ve put a great deal of attention in communicating the right product features to your customers. Now you need to get them translated to help international riders pick the best cycling gear.

From SEO translations for your ecommerce to subtitles for promotional videos or sponsored athlete content, translations for highly technical gear, urban cycling clothing and more–we’re the translation agency the world’s most exciting cycling and MTB sports brands choose to go global.


Whether they’re chasing speed or enjoy longer rides, customers want to buy cycling and mountain biking apparel from brands that speak their language. When they’re not translating product descriptions and marketing campaigns for bike and MTB brands, our translators love riding from sunrise to sundown. They understand your customers, because they are them. They know what makes riders tick, and how to speak to them to connect, create brand awareness and generate sales on your international markets.

► Your team spends a lot of time developing bikes and cycling apparel, then testing it all on the trail or the road. Our translation specialists hop on the saddle and enjoy your cycling gear first-hand.

► Passionate about marketing translation and delivering your message to the world, they’ve ridden thousands of miles in your most performance-focused pair of bibs – and are perfectly equipped to craft multilingual content to help you sell them across borders.

Race bike, endurance bike or road bike? Does an aero bike really make a difference? How much mileage do I need to build to skyrocket performance? As cycling and mountain biking translation specialists, we know how to answer – and translate – all of these questions (and more).

We know the gear your customers need on steep climbs, or to commute to work. Whether they need a race or a comfort short, flat or clipless shoes, and layers to keep them dry and warm.


If you’re a cycling or mountain biking brand looking scale your ecommerce sales, we’ve got you. Say goodbye to translation agencies who deliver sub-par content and hello to a sports translation company that truly gets you.

Our translators are the world’s most specialized when it comes to cycling. They spend their weekends, lunch breaks and any moment in between on their two wheels, pedaling up and cruising down steep hills.

We’ll turn your content into an international growth machine. Get your customers excited to shop from your brand and show your gear off to the world. Keep them safe and happy on their next adventure on the road.

Our formula is simple: real cycling know-how, marketing and technical translation expertise, a team that loves riding, and the world’s best tech to top it all. We’ll handle your translations, help improve your process and take your sales to the next level, so you’ll have more time to do what you love.


We support our clients with a wide range of services, including marketing translation, copywriting, transcreation (a combination of copywriting and creative translation), proofreading, SEO translation, subtitling, and more.


English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Danish, Polish, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Turkish are our most requested languages, but that's far from all. Need other languages or specific local variants? We've got you covered.


The type of content we translate is as varied as your collections are: Ads, websites, landing pages, press releases, product descriptions, brochures, video content, marketing campaigns, newsletters, email content and more.


Cross-country, trail riding, enduro, all mountain riding, downhill mountain biking, urban cycling, gravel riding, BMX, bikepacking bikes, apparel and gloves – we’ll help you translate all the cycling gear your customers need for their adventures.

“The Action Sports Translator team are a fantastic partner. They enabled us to re-platform our European translated sites quickly while staying true our unique brand voice.”

Jenny B., Senior Manager of Digital Operations @ Skullcandy

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Ready to drop in?

Our adventure sports translation specialists are ready and stoked to help you grow across borders.

Reach out to us through the chat widget or by clicking on the button below. We’ll get back to you within a couple of hours.

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