Translations for climbing and mountaineering

Carabiners, nuts, grigris and reversos. Tufas, crimps and pockets. Steep overhangs and slabs. Whether they’re sport climbing at the local crag or traveling across the globe to conquer the world’s highest peaks, your customers have to be able to put their trust in your products.

Long gone are the days when climbers and mountaineers settled on scrappy gear that was just good enough. Today, they’re after the market’s best technical equipment so they can climb higher and conquer cliffs and peaks faster, stronger and better.

In a vastly international industry, where many travel across the globe to find the best climbing seasons and spots, translating your climbing and mountaineering gear is a must.

At The Action Sports Translator, we help the world’s major outdoor sports brands scale to new heights with our laser-focused translation service for climbing and mountaineering gear.

Scanning the horizon for a sports translation agency who truly understands your customers? Your search ends here.



Translations for climbing and mountaineering

At The Action Sports Translator, we scale walls and localization strategies in equal measure. Translating for climbing and mountaineering gear and apparel is second nature. We’re trained professionals with years of experience taking outdoor products to international markets, and even more years of experience at the crag. 

Alpine mountaineering, trad and sport climbing, bouldering, alpinism, ice climbing – you name it, we’ve been there and done that. Most days, you’ll catch us at the local crag or working from the gym nearby. Luckily, getting chalk in our keyboards doesn’t keep our translations from being nice and clean.



Translation is what we do for a living. Climbing, bouldering, and mountaineering is what we do to feel alive. We know how to use a finger jam, crampons and ice axes, and how to rappel back down in style. We crave the exhilarating feeling of reaching the top and viewing the world from high above, and then doing it all over again (in spite of all the struggle and sweat).

► As avid climbers, our translation specialists use your products on a daily basis. That takes the guesswork out of technical descriptions in your climbing and mountaineering translations. Customers will know exactly what they’re getting and what it’s for. After all, the difference between a figure eight and a bow line could literally be a lifesaver.

► We tailor our translations to your brand’s voice, keeping terminology and style consistent across content and languages with state-of-the-art technology and dedicated project managers. They’ll be your partner, watching your back and helping to set your path.

► We also customize our translations to your target market, using localized SEO and drilling down into your sport’s vertical to make sure your customers  can find you easily so they’re next epic climb is only an “Add to Cart” away.

► There’s nothing quite like that summit view on a clear day that takes your breath away. Or the utterly thrilling exhaustion you feel when you’ve just topped out on a particularly tricky bouldering problem. If you want those feelings to be captured in your translations, you need to work with translators who’ve experienced them firsthand. (Hey, that’s us!)


Indoor and outdoor climbing are on the rise. As a climbing or mountaineering brand in a hugely international market, translating your content well could take your business to new heights – and help it snag the top spot in your customers’ minds.

If you’re ready to partner up with a translation agency that truly gets you, then get in touch.

At The Action Sports Translator, we like to think of translation as an international growth machine. And we back it up with hyper-specialized knowledge and customized teams, ultra-efficient software to streamline workflows and our own experience as linguists and climbing enthusiasts. We’ll adapt our processes to fit snugly into yours for a secure climb that’s sure to take your business to new heights. Ready to get started? Belay on.


We support our clients with a wide range of services, including marketing translation, copywriting, transcreation (a combination of copywriting and creative translation), proofreading, SEO translation, subtitling, and more.


English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Danish, Polish, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Turkish are our most requested languages, but that's far from all. Need other languages or specific local variants? We've got you covered.


The type of content we translate is as varied as your collections are: Ads, websites, landing pages, press releases, product descriptions, brochures, video content, marketing campaigns, newsletters, email content and more.


Climbing shoes and harnesses; static and dynamic ropes, belay devices; glasses, helmets and climbing protection; quickdraws and carabiners, bolting equipment, slings and more – we’ll help you translate all the climbing and mountaineering gear your customers need for their high-altitude adventures.

Ville M., CEO @ 27Crags

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Our adventure sports translation specialists are ready and stoked to help you grow across borders.

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