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Preserving the environment is critical to our industry – and to our very existence. Consumers want to know how the brands they love are protecting our planet. Outdoor brands need to take and talk about sustainable action so that we – and future generations – can keep enjoying (and respecting) nature’s playgrounds.

Customers are becoming more conscious about the outdoor brands they buy from, and sustainability has already become the beating heart of the sports we love.

At The Action Sports Translator, we help sustainable outdoor brands connect with people who care about our planet through authentic storytelling and meaningful translations.

Not only that: we’re founding members of a local chapter of Protect Our Winters and devote part of our profits to the EOCA (European Outdoor Conservation Association). Plus, we’re fully remote, which cuts down on commutes and emissions – and gives our team more time to get out into the nature we’re trying to save.

The road to sustainability is long and winding, but we’re here to help you share your message and create positive change one adventure at a time.


Whether you’re selling preloved staples, offering a repair service to extend the life of your clothes or adopting recycled fabrics for future collections, your customers need to understand what you’re doing to drive change.

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What’s going on behind the scenes? How committed is your brand to doing things differently? And what steps are you taking to make that commitment a reality?

Outdoors enthusiasts across the globe want to hear about your work. Or else they won’t be adding your products to their carts. Consumers aren’t looking for perfection – they want progress. And they won’t settle for anything less.

At The Action Sports Translator, we’re here to help. We’ll craft multilingual translations that deliver your authentic message across regions.

From reports that get you certified to articles about manufacturing processes, sustainable van life, and adventure tourism; product descriptions for a recycled collection; or dedicated landing pages detailing your sustainability efforts and more.


Our team of translators know the importance of preserving the environment and are mindful of the clothes and gear they wear, the brands they buy them from and the adventures they take them on. They look out for the places we play and work alongside sustainable outdoor brands to change the industry for good. It’s a commitment to creating multilingual content that promotes eco-friendly products and inspires buyers to make a difference.

►️ We care about our impact on the planet as much as you do.Our translation specialists enjoy outdoor sports across many disciplines and have a shared purpose: to leave the paths we tread better than how we found them. We’ll encourage customers to do the same, no matter where those paths take them on the map. #LeaveNoTrace

►️ Consumers want to know how your brand makes sustainability a priority. And letting them know can get pretty technical. No worries. We have experience translating about PFC-free membranes, the difference between natural and sustainable and how shipping practices contribute to your carbon footprint. The only question your customers will have left is what color to get that new recycled jacket in.

►️ We know the difference between greenwashing and green living; sustainability doesn’t stop at point of sale. We’ll help your international customers understand how the way they wash their apparel, repair their gear and recycle their equipment are all part of working together towards a more sustainable future.

►️ Our sports translation services include translations for outdoor gear and translations for extreme sports brands, all of whom have a sustainability story to tell. We’ll use your brand’s authentic voice to reach environmentally conscious customers across all markets in a way that’s accurate and true to you.



Every brand has a story. Make sure you tell yours.

We want to help you make a real impact on the world and craft multilingual copy that shows your customers you care. Our process is just as sustainable as your products are. We use the latest in translation tech and custom build teams of highly specialized translators to handle any volume of work. For content that’s easily scalable and gets epic ROI. From descriptions for a partly recycled product line to a newsletter or blog post about your new eco certification.

Sustainable outdoor brands today are a mega-trend. Show your customers you’re here to stay. And inspire them to take action and drive change, no matter their sport, playground, culture or language.

We all have a part to play in slowing climate change. And in the outdoor industry, we see the effects of the environmental crisis sooner than others. You’ve set your goals and stuck to them for the good of the planet. Now share your sustainability goals and wins with customers for the good of your business. Let us help you get the word out there to get more people in your sustainable gear.


We support our clients with a wide range of services, including marketing translation, copywriting, transcreation (a combination of copywriting and creative translation), proofreading, SEO translation, subtitling, and more.


English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Danish, Polish, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Turkish are our most requested languages, but that's far from all. Need other languages or specific local variants? We've got you covered.


The type of content we translate is as varied as your collections are: Ads, websites, landing pages, press releases, product descriptions, brochures, video content, marketing campaigns, newsletters, email content and more.


Running shoes, hiking boots; leggings, training tops, sports bras, undergarments; casual urban sportswear and clothing; coats, jackets, weatherproof gear and more – we’ll help you translate all the sustainable sportswear and gear your customers need for their long-term adventures.

“The Action Sports Translator team is great to work with. Very flexible and always coming up with creative ideas to write a good story. Here at POW Switzerland we are stoked that they got to translate our entire website.

Luc H., Alliance Manager @ Protect Our Switzerland CH

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Our adventure sports translation specialists are ready and stoked to help you grow across borders.

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