Transcreation for action sports and outdoor brands

Your product, marketing and ecom teams have been working closely to create the perfect messaging around your latest sports tech. It all looks great… until it gets translated. It feels a bit vanilla. Just not what you expected.

Sounds familiar? You’re not the first.

In fact, it’s what most outdoor brands complain about when reaching out to us. They’re frustrated and fed up with their brand voice getting watered down in other languages.

Here’s the good news: there’s another way. When the stakes are high, translation just won’t work. Transcreation is what you’re looking for.


Transcreation is how we translate your slogans and messaging so they have the same powerful impact in another language. It’s what happens when translation meets copywriting. Because a word for word translation just ain’t gonna work.

We don’t just look at the words. We look at the why and the how of your messaging to find creative solutions in different languages. Solutions that are true to your brand and resonate with your customers. When transcreation is done well, your messaging stays strong. So your business can keep growing in different markets.

Transcreation: why your outdoor brand needs it

Emotions are big in action sports. Like when you’re topping out on a tough boulder problem. Or taking in the view as you peel off your skins before skiing across a blanket of fresh snow. Hearing and feeling the blood pumping through your veins as you pedal up the last leg of a climb.

With transcreation we tap into these emotions. We explore which words work in different languages so your messaging isn’t watered down. It’s compelling and it gets you conversions. Fancy a couple of examples?

Take the famous Nike slogan: Just do it. Nike’s strategy was to keep the slogan in English in every market. But imagine translating it, for example, into Spanish.

Simplemente hazlo. The softer sounds (‘s’, ‘m’ ‘l’) make the message muted. The meaning, the feelings, the rhythm – in other words, the impact and energy are simply lost. In transcreation we look at what’s important. And we explore different solutions so your branding performs like freshly waxed skis across markets.

“Where is your park?” – This slogan was coined by North America running brand to inspire people to run more. (and wear their products, of course!)

In the US most people run in parks, so this slogan totally makes sense. In countries like Spain people don’t necessarily run in parks, so it’s not gonna connect with your buyers. That’s why in transcreation we look at the culture of your customers and create copy that’s truly relevant for them. So you show you understand your buyers and you win their trust.


We are a team of multilingual, action-sports-loving translators and copywriters. Here’s how we knock your marketing translations into shape.

► We are your target market. We spend our free time outdoors, or planning our next adventure. From translations for lifestyle brands to translations for ski apparel, we’ve got the outdoor industry knowledge you need.

We understand how and why your target customers choose some brands and turn their nose down at others. We leverage this insider info to make your marketing work across languages.

► We’re as serious about getting you the best ROI on your international marketing as we are about nailing that perfect turn on the slopes. (And srsly, we’re fed up with bland marketing translations from our favorite brands. Let’s sort this.)

► We work with you to keep your voice and image consistent across languages. We’ll develop language-specific tone of voice guidelines, and work with your product and marketing teams to make sure we’re always hitting the right notes. 

“It is difficult to find good linguists who also have a love and understanding of the outdoor industry, and The Action Sports Translator is the perfect combination of both. They are also a flexible and reactive team, always happy to help and work hard to come to the perfect solution. Would definitely recommend!”
Celia C., Translation Coordinator @ Patagonia

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Ready to drop in?

Our adventure sports translation specialists are ready and stoked to help you grow across borders.

Reach out to us through the chat widget or by clicking on the button below. We’ll get back to you within a couple of hours.

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