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Google processes over 40,000 search queries per second. In the time it took you to read this sentence, how many people were searching online for a product you sell? 

To sell your products to customers across the globe, you need to translate your content into their language. But guess what? Unless you have an SEO strategy to match, those ‘buy now’ buttons will just gather dust in the dark.

Most people search online in their own language, so if you don’t involve SEO strategy when translating, most of your would-be customers won’t even find your products. Let alone buy them and use them.

From translations for sportswear and footwear to translations for water sports, we can flex our SEO muscles to get you higher up the results page.


Translating your product descriptions and content marketing into a language you don’t speak can be tricky. With SEO thrown in too? Makes you want to run a mile? That’s OK. We’ll help you get through it and succeed at that. We’re not talking SEO as an afterthought. Squeezing in a few random keywords and hoping for the best? That might be what your competitors are doing, but to nudge your way up the Google results page, SEO should be part and parcel of all your translations that are going online.


Multilingual keyword research
and keyword mapping

Many think they can get away with a 1:1 translation of their keywords. Trust us, this will backfire. An effective strategy for multilingual SEO takes into account what people are really searching for in different languages. The specific words and phrases they’re using online to find your sports and outdoor products.

But SEO translation isn’t just about keywords and getting a better ranking on search engines. It’s about making sure your online content is relevant to your customers, too. 

outdoor sports translation

Website localization

There’s no point getting people to your website if it’s not in good shape. That’s why website translation and localization should be part of your international SEO strategy. Making sure your website is geared up for Spanish-speaking skiers, Italian-speaking climbers, or Dutch-speaking downhill mountain bikers. When they land on your website, you want them to feel at home.

Multilingual translation and content creation

An essential part of a well-performing SEO strategy is about creating content that your customers are looking for. If you can answer their questions and solve their problems, they’ll trust you – and buy from you – more.

Good news for you. As well as SEO translation, we offer multilingual copywriting and content writing so your SEO content strategy can hit the ground running in any language.


SEO. 3 little letters that give a lot of people the heebie-jeebies. You know it’s important, but it can feel overwhelming. That’s OK. Our global team of SEO specialists and translators can help you navigate those murky international SEO waters.

✔️ We know how SEO works, and we’re hot on search intent and keyword research. What’s more, we know your industry. We know climbing terms, skiing slang, surfing lingo – great for finding some kick-ass keywords to target, and more.

✔️ We’re not here to stress you out with all the things you *should* be doing. As a multilingual bunch of outdoor lovers, we want to find your website and products when we’re searching online.

✔️ Whether you’re targeting customers in Mexico or Spain, Brazil or Portugal, Germany or Switzerland, we’ve got speakers who can hone your SEO translations for local users. Got your own SEO department? Nice one. We’ll work with your team to keep things consistent and easy for you.

✔️ We want this to be easy (and fun!) for you, which is why we keep things real. We’re doers, we’re problem-solvers. We get our SEO heads down to get your content working around the world. One less thing for you to stress about. Because the less you stress, the more fun we all have.

“The Action Sports Translator team are a fantastic partner. They enabled us to re-platform our European translated sites quickly while staying true our unique brand voice.”

Jenny B., Senior Manager of Digital Operations @ Skullcandy

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Take your outdoor brand
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Take your outdoor brand

beyond borders

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