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Video is BIG in the action sports world. Epic clips of ski descents, shots of breathtaking landscapes, documentaries about challenging adventures… Millions of people all around the world love action sports. And if we can’t get outside to do them ourselves, the next best thing is watching them, right?

You’ve created awesome video content to cater to action sports fans. Now make it accessible to as many of them as possible.

One of the best, quickest and most efficient ways to do this is by creating multilingual subtitles. Your fans and customers will thank you for it.


► Athlete sponsored video content – get more fans engaging with their fave athletes with video content they can understand and enjoy.

Short films and documentaries – Storytelling is a great way to inspire, entertain and connect with your customers.

► Video content to launch new products – Get your international audience stoked about your latest product release.

► Video product guides – People have bought your stuff, but are they using all its awesome features? Video content is mega effective for showing off your products and teaching people how to get the most out of them.

Multilingual subtitles

When it comes to audiovisual translation, subtitles are quicker and more cost effective than creating voice-overs in different languages. More versatile too. Don’t forget, a lot of people view content on their phones with the sound off. Subtitles (done well) enhance the viewing experience, so more people can enjoy your video content in any language.

Providing (quality) subtitles isn’t just a smart marketing move that’ll help you connect with more customers abroad. Think about all the people who may have a hearing impairment and will now be able to fully enjoy your content. That’s how you make your brand truly inclusive.


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Time coding

We synchronize your subtitles to the video and audio and make sure they’re spot on. In both subtitling and landing a switch backside 720 on the halfpipe, timing is everything.

If they appear too early or linger for too long, it’s distracting and off-putting for your viewers. Your video content goes from awesome and inspiring to confusing and annoying. We also look at shot changes, CPS (characters per second, but you don’t need to know that) and the audio waveform to make sure your viewers can follow the action – and enjoy it.

Transcription, voice-over and more

Need your video content transcribed and translated in multiple languages? Looking for a team of voice-over artists to bring your messaging to life? With our community of 250+ sports-loving translation specialists and relationships with our partner studios, we’ve got you covered if you want to blaze your own trail. Just let us know what you need, and we’ll make it happen.


Sports-specific technical lingo and jargon can make subtitling for the action sports world a tricky task. Unless you have someone who knows the niche, climbing terms like pitch, highball and on sight will have translators at the end of their rope. Facts. That’s why we match your project with a translator who knows and loves your sport. Our subtitle translation service is for you if…

You’re after quality and you care about your viewers.

Good multilingual subtitling should feel like a good running base layer; you hardly even notice it’s there. You’ll be too engrossed in what you’re watching. If the timing is off, you’ve got dodgy translations that don’t make sense or viewers are racing to keep up with the subtitles (and missing key action moments because of it)… You’re brand’s cred will take a hit.

► You want to work with specialized audiovisual translators.

We’re the nerds who provide running commentary whenever we watch videos with subtitles. Annoying for our friends and loved ones? Yes. But exactly what you need if you want sleek and effective subtitles? Also yes.

You want to work with a trusted partner for all your content.

We routinely help leading brands to caption and subtitle video content in multiple languages. But good, accessible video is only one element of good content. To make sure your messaging is consistent across channels, you’ll need to translate copy and content so it fits into your overall marketing picture.

► You’re not sure what subtitle translation involves.

We get it. Audiovisual translation can feel like it has too many moving pieces to keep up with. But we’re here to help. We’ll guide you through our process with clear communication and a dedicated project manager ready to answer any questions you may have.

“The team really came together and provided a complete [subtiling] service, in what was really a tight squeeze in terms of time. They made sure to clear up any doubts along the way, ensuring the final delivery was what was needed. It’s great to work with a team that has industry insight and knows what they are working with – a real pleasure.”

- Giorgia G. Project Manager @ Storyteller Labs

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Ready to drop in?

Our adventure sports translation specialists are ready and stoked to help you grow across borders.

Reach out to us through the chat widget or by clicking on the button below. We’ll get back to you within a couple of hours.

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