Multilingual copy and content writing for action sports and outdoor brands

Finding copy and content writers who know their way around the action sports industry – and can deliver great brand experiences – isn’t easy. Especially if you need to create content for a new market but don’t speak their language.

A Finnish copywriter who specializes in writing copy for skitouring. A Japanese writer who masters the art of content for a cycling audience. A Polish writing specialist who can create content for kitesurfing brands. Where do you even find them?

Today is your lucky day, because we’re here to help. 


Looking to engage your adventure sports fans and break into global markets? Then you need copy and content writers who are right at home outdoors – and understand the nuances and power of language. 

Finding experienced copy and content writers who get the outdoor industry is tough. Honestly, there aren’t many of them around. Now add the complexity of finding writers for languages other than English who specialize in exactly your type of sport. You’re lucky if they even exist.

To spare you the time and hassle, we’ve developed a tried and tested recruiting machine to hunt them down and put them through our strict hiring process – so we can build a custom team for you and you’re ready to hit the market before your latest product drops. We do all the hard work for you, so you can focus on what matters the most.

Want to scale up your content operations but have limited resourced in-house? Say no more.

When you’ve got a lot of content to create, one copywriter just isn’t enough. Enter, our team of multilingual writers specifically selected for and trained on your brand’s products and tone of voice. There’s nothing stopping you from breaking into global markets now. 



In a multilingual SEO strategy, translation and content creation often go hand in hand. But while some content works just fine with translation, each market has a ton of opportunities to create content that’s truly unique. Our language and market-specific SEO specialists will run an analysis and what works where and why, brief our copy and content writers, and then let the magic start.

ust tell us what you need and we’ll tailor our service to match.


From collecting and studying your brief, to assigning the content piece to the writer who best suits your project – here’s the lowdown or how we work.

If you’re a winter sports brand, you’ll get a writer who knows what it’s like to float over fluffy pow and squeeze in one last run before the sun sets. We’ll first learn and define your preferred terminology across all languages, keeping your brand voice intact wherever you are in the world. Then:

✔️ We’ll produce a first draft, understanding and fulfilling the reason why you are creating the piece of content. Each piece of content will come to you fully edited and optimized for SEO.

✔️ We’ll collect your feedback. There’s a million ways to say the same thing, but your brand’s tone is unique. We want to learn how you think, what you like and what you don’t, so we can fine-tune our copy as we go.

✔️ We’ll take everything onboard and adjust the copy. Our second draft now truly speaks your language. If the content is for SEO, we’ll also run an SEO optimization check based on the original brief.

✔️ Second draft approved: now it’s yours to use. Any further feedback? Please throw it our way. Our copywriters strive to always go the extra mile.

“The Action Sports Translator team are a fantastic partner. They enabled us to re-platform our European translated sites quickly while staying true our unique brand voice.”

Jenny B., Senior Manager of Digital Operations @ Skullcandy

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Take your outdoor brand
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Take your outdoor brand

beyond borders

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