Editing and proofreading for action sports brands

If you’re anything like most outdoor brands, you use English to communicate and have the biggest reach. Whether you’re in Finland, France or a remote village in the Chilean Andes. Even if it’s not your native language.

Your product people are in charge of coming up with marketing and content for your ecommerce. Technically, it’s spotless. Yet… there’s something off. While they understand your products and market inside-out, the texts don’t hit the mark.

If you want your copy to be up to the same standards your brand stands for, there’s an easy fix. Get your content edited and proofread by a team of sports product specialists who have the right qualifications, skills and expertise to do so. (Yes. We’re talking about us.)


We include editing and proofreading as standard quality control in our translation services. But that’s not all. As a standalone service, it’s ideal if your content has been written by a non-native and needs perfecting before heading out to retailers, going online, and being translated into other languages. Or if your content has been translated and needs a once-over to check the quality and ensure consistency. And we can edit or proofread your texts in any language. Not just English.


This is like a final polish over your texts. For when you’re generally happy with the content, but you need a quality check. We look at spelling, punctuation and grammar. We rejig any awkward sentences so they make sense. We also check consistency of punctuation, terminology and capitalization. We don’t make major changes to your texts, just tidy them up as they are. (But if we think they need more work, we’ll tell you. And explain why.)


Here, we take it a step further. You get everything you would expect from a proofreading service. Plus we look at the style to make sure it’s in line with your brand voice and right for your customers. Maybe there’s an issue you want to fix – your content isn’t connecting enough with your audience, or it’s going off-piste and doesn’t suit your brand voice. We bring our skills in multilingual copywriting to get things back on track. You’ll get reworked texts that are right for your audience and nail your brand voice.


You’re here because you don’t want to settle for content that’s pretty average? Nice. On our days off, we push to ski better, climb harder and surf the perfect wave. We bring that same dedication to making your texts great.

► You’ll have a custom team. It’s not just about picking editors who speak the right languages and know your sports vertical. They have to be the right fit for your brand. We typically try out a handful of linguists on each project to see who’s right for your style.

► We encourage our team to ask questions and go the extra mile. It’s not about ticking checkboxes to complete a project. Our ultimate goal is to make your texts not just good enough, but great.

► However you’re managing your content at the moment -–from MS Word files to PDFs –, we’ll make sure the editing or proofreading slots into your workflows easily. Because you don’t want to be managing endless versions and files, right?


►We like to work with brands in the long-run. Which is why we give you constructive feedback. Whether that’s tweaking your voice guide based on your feedback on edits, or suggesting a different workflow to streamline your translation process.

“The Action Sports Translator team are a fantastic partner. They enabled us to re-platform our European translated sites quickly while staying true our unique brand voice.”

Jenny B., Senior Manager of Digital Operations @ Skullcandy

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Take your outdoor brand

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