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There are  5.6 million apps available for users to download. How does yours speak to your customers? Action sports enthusiasts around the world use different terms in their outdoor adventures. To reach them effectively, you need to use the local lingo for your App Store Optimization so it’s easier for outdoor lovers everywhere to find, understand and recognize it as the tech solution to their needs.

Around 60% of app downloads come from searches. When you go global by localizing and optimizing your app, you raise your rankings, whether on Apple’s App Store or Google Play.

Successful app localization involves more than just translation; a team armed with strong keyword research and insider knowledge tackles all elements of your app to put your brand in the palm of your customers’ hands, right when, where and how they need it most – whether they’re on an alpine ski slope or a South Pacific surf break.


1. Keyword Research

Action athletes speak a language all their own. Jargon is tricky to navigate, but it can be a direct line to your customer. Add to that the fact that users in each international market boost different keywords and it’s clear that straight-up translations ain’t going to cut it. That’s why you need to localize your keyword research alongside your app. It ensures that your brand’s app is instantly findable and relevant for users.

But we aren’t just a bunch of SEO translation experts; we shout these words from behind our handlebars or while clipping the chains on our climbs. Hard data informs our figures, but it’s our real-life experience that ensures we reach the right people and say the right thing. Action sports is our common native language.

Say you have a “personal training app” and want to reach new markets. You may be surprised to know that despite this keyword’s popularity in English-speaking countries, people in places like Spain may search other terms such as “app to do exercise at home”. (And, of course, it’ll probably be in Spanish, too.)

Keyword Research for the keyword personal training app on semrush

2. Translation

It’s no use dressing up your storefront if the interior is a mess. At the Action Sports Translator, we check that every element of your app – including titles, descriptions and screenshots – is doing the most for your brand.

Building in razor-sharp keywords ensures that even app metadata is optimized for SEO best practices. Plus, accessible, well-defined elements add to app credibility. Just like well-placed active pro on a climb, each word of your app will hold its weight to take your sales higher.

3. Localization

This is why we aren’t afraid of AI taking over; you can’t automate real culture. Words are just a small part of app localization (sorry ChatGPT), and our process ensures a personalized user experience – from pictures and icons to buttons and layout – properly outfitted for each country.

You’ve already made an app the outdoor industry needs. Whether your audience reads right to left or vertically or uses letters or characters, you’ve put in the development miles. UX localization helps you take the final, critical steps to make connecting with your customer (and their cash) smooth and straightforward as you cross that finish line.

Meet our team of ASO translators

► We know how ASO localization works inside and out. That’s because we use these apps, too. We move in your industry. Our fluency isn’t just in the local language; we speak climbing terms, skiing slang, surfing lingo and bike jargon.

► Whether you’re targeting customers in Mexico or Spain, Brazil or Portugal, Germany or Switzerland, we’ve got native speakers covering most regional languages.

► Thanks to continuous localization and smart automation – including software integrations we can plug directly into your app – there’s less manual work for you.

► We go the extra mile and write sales copy to take your app from international flop to global success. Forget vanilla content or poorly written marketing copy. A punchy description of your app is the key to downloads.

“The Action Sports Translator team are a fantastic partner. They enabled us to re-platform our European translated sites quickly while staying true our unique brand voice.”

Jenny B., Senior Manager of Digital Operations @ Skullcandy

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Ready to drop in?

Our adventure sports translation specialists are ready and stoked to help you grow across borders.

Reach out to us through the chat widget or by clicking on the button below. We’ll get back to you within a couple of hours.

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