AI translation for action sports and outdoor brands

From state-of-the-art avalanche airbags to self-heating ski boots and increasingly complex fabric constructions, there’s no denying that technology is getting more sophisticated all the time. Ditto for artificial intelligence. So you might be wondering how to make the most of the latest AI technology to get your translations done more efficiently and quicker (while maximizing your budget’s potential, too).

AI translation can be leveraged for any text that follows a standard format, that doesn’t need a whole lot of creative brain power or that uses straightforward language. It could be manuals, FAQs, terms and conditions–even large volumes of content, like product copy, that needs to be turned around quickly. The secret to making it work – instead of letting it flop – is working with AI translation specialists who know how to review and polish the AI draft to perfection.


Neural Machine Translation

Let’s start with the basics: Neural Machine Translation (NMT) is a modern translation technology that leverages artificial intelligence to predict the likelihood of the occurrence of a sequence of words, so it can translate text from one language to another. Popular machine translation engines like Google Translate and DeepL are powered by this technology. Thanks to its network of artificial neurons, NMT is able to understand context and produce translations that are more accurate and natural sounding than traditional machine translation methods, making it a great tool for scaling up translation efforts in specific circumstances.

Despite the obvious advantages, NMT comes with many challenges, too. For example, it’s most suitable when texts are straightforward and there is a large amount of data available on a specific topic and language pair. Most importantly, it should rarely, if ever, be deployed without a follow-up editing step.

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AI translation + expert review

This is where our expert services come in. To knock your AI translations into shape and get them ready to hit the market, our professional linguists review, analyze and polish them to perfection. Among other things, we make sure the text is terminologically sound and right for your target market, check that it’s gender inclusive and ensure it’s in line with your tone-of-voice guidelines.

You benefit from the faster turnaround of AI translation combined with the higher quality that only expert translators who understand your industry and brand can offer. For large batches of standard product descriptions, AI translations – buffed up by an expert human language professional – can be a game-changer, especially when you have tight deadlines.

Adaptive AI translation

Adaptive machine translation takes this process a step further; basically, the AI generates a translation draft and then studies the edits our expert linguists make during the review process. It learns on the fly and continually improves, so the base neural machine translation quality improves over time.

It still needs to be reviewed and edited by expert linguists, but an improved draft – which is more in line with your tone of voice and terminology from the get-go – helps us speed up time to market.

Custom AI translation

Finally, our AI translation software can be trained specifically on your tone of voice, brand guidelines, glossaries and translation memories so that it gets an even more in-depth understanding of what works for your brand. The AI will also keep learning from the expert review stage so it can refine its skills even further. The more you translate, the better the quality of translations you get from AI. 

By combining our custom AI translation with a review by our expert linguists who understand your brand and sports and know how to win over your customers, you’ll be set up for success when it’s time to sell your products around the globe.


Can I use AI translation without human translators?

While unedited (or raw) AI translation has some use cases, it shouldn’t generally be relied on without expert linguists in the loop. It doesn’t excel at understanding context, idiomatic expressions or nuance. Not to mention  complex terminology and jargon specific to the outdoor industry and your sport’s, culture, products and brand.

What use cases is AI translation most suitable for?

AI translation can be used to speed up the process when you need to get content translated and you’re up against the clock; when you have to process large amounts of data; or when you need to optimize your budget. It’s also suitable for translating texts like FAQs, standard legal copy like cookie policies and terms and conditions, user manuals, transactional emails, reports, internal documentation, etc. The trick is to always include a round of either editing or proofreading by expert linguists, depending on the output quality level you expect.

How much does AI translation cost?

We only provide AI translation with expert linguists in the loop, which means we apply an editing fee. This fee includes use of our technology, creation of the raw AI translation, project management and more, and it will depend on the type of project, output quality level, volumes and AI translation option you go for. (For example, Adaptive and Custom AI translation are priced differently than AI translation editing.)

How do we guarantee data security?

We take security very seriously. The AI translation software we use is ISO 27001 certified and all data is encrypted by TLS. They carry out regular audits to ensure the ongoing safety of your confidential data. If you want to know more about the security policies in place, just give us a heads up and we’ll send you the full policy info.

Can I teach the AI translation to follow my tone of voice?

We can tailor your AI translations using different prompts. And with adaptive AI translation, our AI learns to adapt its style to your brand. When your AI translation is reviewed by our expert linguists, one of the things we look at is your tone of voice and how it translates into different languages. TOV often has to be adapted to different markets, with certain elements getting toned down or dialed up to make sure they’re culturally appropriate. This is where we truly bring in our expertise.

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