Recruitment FAQs

Got questions about our recruitment process and what it’s like to work with us? We’ve got answers. And we’ve gathered them on this page.

These FAQs mainly focus on the recruitment of translators and copy/content writers, but the general principles also apply to our recruitment process for other roles (e.g. project, account, content and vendor managers, localization engineers, automation specialists, etc.)

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Recruitment process

What qualifications or experience do I need to apply as a translator or writer with The Action Sports Translator?

At The Action Sports Translator, we do what it says on the tin: we provide translations to outdoor and action sports brands.

As such, we only work with individuals who have the relevant professional qualifications, experience and expertise in their role (e.g. marketing translator, copywriter) and are familiar with the sports they translate about first-hand. For example, if you claim you can translate copy related to climbing, we expect you to be a climber. The same is true for any other outdoor sport or discipline.

Writers and translators must be native speakers of the language they write in or translate into. We don’t obsess over formal qualifications such as a Master’s Degree in translation studies, but we expect our freelancers to be professionally trained in their craft.

Please note that being bilingual or multilingual, having a passion for languages or having dabbled in translation unofficially do not qualify.

I'm a professional translator or writer with a personal interest in outdoor sports, but have no experience writing or translating about them. Can I still apply?

As long as you’re professionally trained and qualified in your craft, have a proven track record in the content types you specialize in (e.g. UX localization, ecommerce product descriptions, transcreation, long-form blog content…), and have real first-hand passion and expertise for one or more outdoor sports, you can still apply. We will ask you to provide a sports-specific sample based on your skillset and the outdoor sports you are familiar with.

Please note that watching movies about the sport, or being friends with people who practice the sport unfortunately doesn’t qualify. Each outdoor and action sport has its own culture and lingo, which cannot be learned simply through superficial exposure.

I'd like to apply as a project, account or vendor manager (or another role which isn't translator/writer). Do I need to be into action and outdoor sports to be considered?

Although it’s less critical for our content and translation project, account and vendor managers, etc. to be heavily into outdoor and action sports, it’s still part of what makes us who we are. It’s an integral part of our culture.

Every member of our team is deeply passionate about one or more outdoor sports. In practical terms, this means we all have one common passion and the same mission we work toward. We use the products and gear from the very brands we localize, and this gets us incredibly excited to show up at work – even when things get stressful.

It also allows to foster very natural relationships between our team members, freelancers and clients, creating a unique environment where we can all fit and relate to one another by just being ourselves. Plus, depending on your role, you’ll often need to perform quality checks, and this would be extremely difficult if you’re not part of the outdoor sports scene.

You don’t need to live on top of Mount Everest or surf every single weekend to be part of our team; but you do need to truly love the outdoors, and be into one or more outdoor sports to fit in our culture.

I have a background in project management, but not for the translation industry. Can I apply as a translation project manager?

Although we’re sure you have a solid background and skillset that can be easily transferred from your current or previous industry to the translation industry, unfortunately we don’t have enough capacity to train project managers from scratch. The translation industry is very peculiar, and for this reason one of our requirements is that applicants have at least 2-3 years of experience as translation project managers on the agency side and already master translation software and processes.

I'm into football, rugby, tennis, horse riding [...]. Can I apply as a translator, writer or editor?

We only work with action, adventure, extreme and outdoor sports brands and related content.

While each category has its own peculiarities, there is a lot of overlap: extreme and action sports are high-risk activities often characterized by speed, height, and stunts. Outdoor sports are physical activities conducted in natural settings, focusing on engagement with nature rather than high risk, including hiking and cycling.

You can find a list of many of these sports here.

Conversely, we do not work any mainstream sports, such as football, rugby, tennis, basketball, cricket, or golf. Therefore we don’t accept applications from freelance translators, writers, project managers etc. who only specialize in these sports.

How can I make my application stand out?

Alongside your technical expertise and background, skillset, experience and qualifications, we value your ability to think critically, asking questions, and taking extreme ownership of your work.

We rely on your expertise to deliver exceptional quality and an outstanding service to our clients. This means we need to partner up with translators, writers, project managers, etc. who like to feel part of a team working toward the same goal, and would rather question things rather than work through them just to get a job done. We love working with individuals who can see the bigger picture without losing sight of the details.

Additionally, we mainly work with marketing-related translation and copy: as specialists who work with words, the way we present ourselves can be a good insight into how we write professionally.

When you’re applying to work with us, we recommend elaborating on your answers to shine a spotlight on your translation or writing expertise, passion for outdoor sports and soft skills; and double-checking that your application is free of typos and other major grammar mistakes. Don’t worry: we know we’re all human and English typically isn’t our first language, so we won’t discard your application just because you made a typo.

What is the best way to submit my application?

When we recruit new translators, editors proofreaders or writers, we typically advertise our new openings on a number of channels. We always outline very specific details and requirements: please read the job posting carefully and follow the instructions, dropping your details at the link included in the job posting.

We only accept applications sent through the link, and that match the requirements in our job postings. So if you contact us through a different channel (e.g. Proz messages or quotes, LinkedIn private messages or comments, Facebook messages, etc.) we won’t be able to consider your application.

If you’d like to send a spontaneous application to work with us even though we haven’t advertised any projects matching your skillset and background, please visit our Join The Team page and add your details in the relevant form.

I applied to work with you. What will happen next?

We have created a whole page to answer this question! Take a look at our recruitment process.

How long will it take to get feedback on my application?

Generally, we aim to provide feedback and notify applicants within 2-3 weeks. However, it might happens that we are snowed under projects and client requests, which can significantly impact our timeline.

While we do leverage technology to respond to every single application, the screening is manual. There is a real person reading through each submission, and as such the process can take some time.

My application was rejected. Why?

Unfortunately, as we manually screen hundreds or even thousands of applications every month, we aren’t able to provide individual feedback on each rejected application. These are some of the most common reasons why we reject applications:

  • The applicant’s profile doesn’t match the job posting requirements (e.g. doesn’t specialize in outdoor sports and/or in the sports we are looking to recruit for)
  • The application has been entirely generated through AI, and sent to us completely unedited.
  • The application is sent through with very minimal information, which doesn’t allow us to properly assess the applicant’s expertise (and gives us a glimpse into their critical thinking).
  • The application is riddled with grammar mistakes and typos, indicating it was done without proper care.

If your application was rejected and you believe it was a mistake or would like further clarification, please reply to the email that notified you of the rejection and our vendor manager will be happy to help.

My application was added to your waiting list. What does this mean?

When we add an application to our waiting list, it means that we think we could be a great match but one or more of the following scenarios is true:

  • We currently need to prioritize other languages or language pairs.
  • We have already been onboarding a significant number of candidates for your language combination(s).
  • Your profile doesn’t meet all of our requirements but might be interesting for other projects in the future.
We’ll keep your details stored in our database and we’ll reach out as soon as a suitable opportunity comes along. You will always be notified when we’ve added your application to our waiting list.

I applied to work with you, but never heard back.

Although we do our absolute best to get back to everyone, we’re only human and sometimes things can slip through the cracks.

If you applied to work with us before January 2024 but never heard back, your profile was likely added to our waiting, list but you weren’t notified due to a glitch in the system. This was fixed in January 2024.

If it’s been more than 4 weeks since you applied to work with us and you still haven’t heard back, feel free to follow up by replying to the confirmation email you received when you applied to work with us.

Vetting & onboarding

Am I required to provide a translation or writing test/sample to work with you?

Yes, we require translators, writers and editors to work on a short piece (up to 300 words) before moving ahead with the onboarding. The topic and sample are picked specifically based on your profile, background, expertise and skillset. For example, if you’re a marketing translator who surfs, climbs and snowboards, we’ll pick texts that are relevant for the sports you are familiar with and specialize in.

But before we do that, we agree on payment terms and conditions for our cooperation to make sure we’re on the same page. No surprises down the line!

Who will evaluate my translation or writing test/sample?

All translation and writing samples are evaluated by our team of trusted editors and reviewers based a set of specific criteria – ranging from grammar, punctuation and orthography, to terminology, tone of voice, register and style – using our internally-developed feedback framework and against the test translation brief you were provided when you worked on your sample.

Each reviewer is specialized in the content type and in the outdoor sport they’re evaluating your test for, meaning that they have in-depth and vast knowledge of the topic.

Will you provide feedback on my translation sample?

Always! Our vendor manager will send you detailed feedback from the reviewer, independently of the outcome.

I was onboarded, but have yet to receive my first project.

The timeline for getting your first translation or writing project may vary. Sometimes, we’re recruiting for a specific project or client, which means we’re ready to get you started as soon as you’ve been onboarded. Other times, the client might take a long time to move forward. And sometimes we just don’t have any running projects matching your skillset and outdoor sports expertise. When in doubt, reach out to your vendor manager.

Payment terms

What are your payment terms?

Our hiring or vendor manager will agree on your fees during the initial communication stages. Your fees will be added to your profile in our database, and we’ll automatically use them for any new projects unless the project requires a custom service and pricing (e.g. hourly rate for a new type of service, or project-based pricing).

We always provide a Purchase Order for each project. Depending on the account, the PO can be issued on a project-by-project basis or on a monthly basis. We then collect your invoices at the end of each month, with all the POs you received from your project managers. Your invoices are processed and paid within 30 days.


Can I use my CAT tool or do I have to work in your translation software?

As we process large volumes of content, and many of our projects involve a very collaborative approach between multiple translators and editors, we require all of our translators, editors and proofreaders to work on our cloud-based Translation Management System.

Our TMS is the top-rated, most intuitive and translator-friendly tool on the market. Occasionally we also work with other translation software, depending on our clients’ technology and requirements.

Whatever the TMS, we will provide you with a license and crystal-clear training on how to use it – and you can always count on our project and account managers to support you.

My question isn't answered on this page. Who can I contact?

If you have additional questions, feel free to reach out to us any time: reply to the confirmation email you received when you applied to work with us.

If you’d like to talk to someone from our team but haven’t applied to work with us yet, please email us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

“Highly professional, super smooth communication, exciting projects, excellent project management, and with a human touch. A real gem in the industry and an absolute pleasure to work with!”

Robert P., German translator


Ready to drop in?

Click on the button below to visit our careers page and drop your details in the relevant form. Pro tip: the more you’ll elaborate, the higher the chance our vendor or hiring managers will invite you to the next stage. Oh, and if you’d like to see some of our friendly faces, say hi to our team.

PS. If you’re a translator and are registered on Proz, take a look at what other translators say about working with us here.


Ready to drop in?

Click on the button below to visit our careers page and drop your details in the relevant form. Pro tip: the more you’ll elaborate, the higher the chance our vendor or hiring managers will invite you to the next stage.

PS. If you’re a translator and are registered on Proz, take a look at what other translators say about working with us here.

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