Our quality promise

We take the quality of our services extremely seriously. You could even go so far as to say that we’re obsessed with it. And we’re confident enough to promise that you’ve never experienced anything quite like it. All of our processes are specifically designed solve your translation quality issues as a brand in the outdoor industry, so you don’t have to settle for mediocre – or worse, painful – multilingual copy any longer.

Everything we do is driven by one mission: powering the outdoor industry with authentic, locally relevant content that’s as powerful in your new markets as it is at home.

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Our translation quality has been benchmarked
2x to 4x better than the competition’s.

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Our quality promise

Custom-built team

Before we start working with a brand, we custom-build a team of specialized sports translators based on your languages, outdoor or action sports, content types and more. We vet the team internally and then get it validated by you. This means you’re already familiar with the quality and style you can expect from the get-go, cutting down on a lot of the typical back-and-forth you may experience with other translation agencies.

Our quality promise

Ethical practices

 Once you’re happy with your team, it grows with you over the years. We don’t reshuffle our resources people around based on the lowest price, or lure you in with our best talent to then replace them with cheaper options. What you see is what you’ll get. That goes for the long run. While all our processes are ISO-compliant, we don’t hide behind certifications to entertain unethical practices.

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A male trail runner wearing a t-shirt and shorts running over a grassy hill with mountains in the distance.

Our quality promise

Dedicated support

You’ll be assigned an account manager and one or more project managers, who’ll be your main points of contact throughout our partnership. They’ll learn all about your needs and processes, execute on your requests and help you find new and better ways to streamline translation and content workflows.

Our quality promise

Tailored services

We work exclusively with outdoor brands. This means we know the exact challenges you’re facing and can double down on helping you to solve them. All of our processes are tailored to the outdoor industry and are designed to seamlessly integrate with – and streamline – yours. Plus, you can always count on our flexible, agile approach to help us pivot whenever needed.

Athlete powder skiing in the trees


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Our quality promise

Quality tools
and processes

From selecting translators who are subject matter experts to developing tailor-made services, creating tone of voice guidelines and leveraging glossaries and translation memories, each content type undergoes a unique multi-step process designed to produce the best quality possible. Additionally, our project and account managers leverage the powerful, built-in Quality Assurance features in our software to keep your voice, style, grammar and terminology consistent over time.

Each step of the process has to pass both automated and manual quality controls, meaning that translations can’t move to the next stage unless the system – followed by us – approves them, for every single project.

In other words, we systematically perform quality checks to find, fix and prevent potential issues before they even get the chance to land on your desk. And if there’s still something you’d like to say differently, we have solid feedback loops to keep track of your preferences and changes for future reference.

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