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490 million. That’s how many adventure sports lovers are out there, scattered all across the globe. We love climbing, skiing, surfing, skateboarding, trail running, snowboarding… We all share the same passion, but we don’t all speak the same language.

As an action sports and outdoor brand, reaching  your customers in their native language is a real challenge. That’s why we’ve developed our action sports translation services.

From German and French to Japanese, Chinese and beyond: whether you need help with marketing translation or transcreation, multilingual copywriting or subtitling, our sports-loving teams of translators, writers and editors are stoked to support you.

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If it’s spoken, we can work with it

The main European and Nordic languages are our most requested, closely followed by Asian languages like Korean, Japanese and Chinese. We also work with local variants like Swiss German and Latin American Spanish so your customers feel like you’re speaking to them. Working with athletes who only speak an obscure dialect from a distant, isolated valley? We’ve got your back, too.

(UK, US, Canada, Australia)

(Germany, Austria, Switzerland)

(France, Switzerland, Canada)

(Italy and Switzerland)

(Spain and Latin America)

(Portugal and Brazil)

(Netherlands and Belgium)




► Danish

► Polish






(Simplified and Mandarin)

► And more.

Meet our sports-loving
professional translation team

The struggle to find exceptional translation specialists for your sport and content type is real. And it’s a challenge you may be all too familiar with.

That’s where we come in. We put out the call, go on the hunt and hand-pick the world’s best translators for each language pair, service and sports vertical so you don’t have to. Our hiring process is in peak condition, developed specifically to fit your needs as a specialized sports brand.

We only recruit 2-5% of people who apply to work with us. Harsh?

Nope. We just want the best for you.

The process

► Speaking a couple languages and loving outdoor sports isn’t enough to make the grade. We’ve developed and use a very specific sourcing and vetting process to recruit the best talent in the translation and action sports industry: when a mountain-bike-loving translator applies, we give them a real-life text about mountain bike products to translate. We’ll make sure they can tell their disc brakes from their rim brakes and don’t mix up endurance with enduro.

► Languages are only a part of the puzzle. We make sure our translators work exclusively with texts that match their outdoor sports experience. For winter sports translations, we call on our pow-loving linguists. For extreme sports projects, we get our adrenaline addicts on the case. Our translators practice these sports firsthand, so you get translations that are technically on point – and infused with a passion for the outdoors.

► You get a custom team from handoff to delivery: translators, editors, SEO specialists, writers and/or subtitlers who know (and love) your sports. And who understands your style too. We’ll use or help you develop your tone of voice guidelines for each language to keep your copy consistent across markets. And we love long-term collaboration. Our translators really get to know you and your products so they become an extension of your team.

► You’ll also have your own dedicated account manager and project managers to oversee planning, make sure everything’s ticking along and done in line with our (very high) standards. A single point of contact to handle all your questions and keep you in the loop throughout the entire project timeline. We never compromise on quality for a quick turnaround, but we do keep things streamlined to get your project waxed and tuned in time for the new season.

Take your outdoor brand beyond borders

Translation for action sports and the outdoors is no walk in the park. We'll help you set up or improve your translation processes, get your content translated faster and better, and sell more abroad.

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