Komoot – the case study

New languages / new markets

Working with freelancers was great, but it took Komoot approximately 5-12 months to find the right fit (industry expertise + technical translation know-how) and it wasn’t scalable. Some of these new markets also present new and complex languages / new marketsPortuguese (Portugal)Portuguese (Brazil)PolishJapaneseKorean

Komoot is one of the world’s leading hiking and biking route planning apps. They have been translating their app, website and marketing content into 5 languages by working with freelancers, but approached The Action Sports Translator when they wanted to add the next round of 5 languages.

Portuguese (Portugal)

Portuguese (Brazil)




How we have helped komoot break into 5 new markets

  • Established new translation and voice guidelines in all languages (including UX/UI, marketing, etc.)
  • Onboarded and trained a team in 4 weeks (vs 5-12 months), cutting overall time to market
  • Established most suitable workflows for type of content and integrated tools where needed
  • Uncovered thousands of bugs and helped developers to fix them
  • Provided support for the 5 languages they cater to with freelancers when they were unavailable
  • Supported all client teams with multiple projects at the same time before launch
Komoot Polski

The results

Craig Taylor Linkedin Review, "Martina and her team have helped us get komoot up and running in 6 new languages — and | can't
recommend her services enough. Her work turned what was an overwhelming prospect into one
seamless project, helping us deliver the komoot app to millions of new people all over the world. She
connected us with an amazing team of highly-qualified translators (in our niche) within weeks and,
together with her team, helped us move through the various localization stages step-by-step.
Organisation, communication and — perhaps most importantly — the quality of our translation have all
been flawless."

The results (in a really tough and demanding market like Japan)

Quote: I thought I'd share something that I thought was pretty cool: Komoot got a mention on one of the biggest cycling media properties in Japan. They covered the Trail View launch. The best part? Their coverage includes extensive shots of komoot in Japanese. Really cool to see actual people in Japan using our product. Maybe we could forward this Keiko and Naomi if you think they'd be interested. Here's the vid

The results (raving reviews on the Google Play Store)

Google App Store Reviews

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